Deasign was established in 1999 by David Nyman, Erik Goransson and Axel Bendrik in Stockholm. Initial letters of the founders’ first names, D, E, and A, formed the name of the agency.

Deasign is a digital agency born in Stockholm. We help companies and people build up amicable and meaningful relationships in contemporary digital medium.

Deasign approach details

One may call us a web-studio or a digital communications agency, though this won’t change the essence: we are liable for companies’ and entities’ digital presence. We develop digital strategies and creative concepts, create interfaces, provide design and programming, as well as fill, test and maintain everything that can be filled, tested and maintained.

We know distinction is not an end in itself but one of the means towards this end. ‘Smart’ does not mean ‘unusual’, ‘complicated’ or ‘expensive’. ‘Smart’ is what reliably hits the whole bunch of goals with no frills.

Eventually, our work results in easy, comfortable, two-way and surely beneficial communication between companies and users on the Web. What does ‘beneficial’ mean for a business? It means that our clients spend less or earn more thanks to our work.

Our clients

  • aktion
  • adamant
  • arla
  • bodyshop
  • chupachups
  • fazer
  • kavanga
  • legenda
  • lego
  • mercedes-fashionweek
  • nevsky center
  • kraftfoods

We made this

Vacant seats

Digital copywriter we dream to find is a rare bird capable of storytelling in the most diverse digital ways.

Web designer wags his or her head in response to the following keywords: UX, information design, interaction design, human-oriented design, digital identity, corporate and promotional web-sites, services and applications.

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